MS400 Multiparameter Simulator 

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l Simulate 35 kinds of arrhythmia (including Atrial, Ventricular, Premature Beat
   and Conduction Defects) and pacemaker waveforms (including Asynchronous, 
   Demand Occ Sinus, Demand Freq Sinus, A/V Sequential, Non Capture, Non Function).
l Simulate four-channel IBP data.
l Simulate respiration signal with adjustable respiration rate, impedance and baseline 
   impedance, and three kinds of apnea data.
l Simulate four kinds of temperature data.


      MS200 NIBP Simulator

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l Provides pressure gauge testing, pressure leak testing, relief valve testing 
functions. l Buid-in pump provides pressure source with leak and pressure relief tests l NIBP simulations for both arm and wrist cuffs. l Provides arrhythmias, respiratory artifact simulations. l Build in air chamber to simulate adult neonate cuff. l Provides adult, neonate, eight variations patients conditions, user-defined simulations. l 65k colors, 4.3" LCD display






MS100 SpO2 Simulator

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l Separated connection between simulator probe and host, operation and test are more convenient.
l 262K color and 320*240 TFT, adjustable brightness level.
l Film key-press, makes the operation more comfortable.
l Key volume, can open or close.
l Power with chargeable lithium battery, can display the charge information of battery.